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Belau Loa Ranch
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Welcome to Belau Loa Ranch
Aloha and Welcome to Belau Loa Ranch! 

Founded in 2012, Belau Loa Ranch (BLR) is a small private ranch located in the heart of Kunia Loa Ridge, Hawaii. Locally-owned and operated by The Jair. 

A BLR and organic gardens, goats, sheep, chickens and ducks, along with numerous coastal trails, provide an ideal outdoor venue for teaching about healthy foods, healthy living and environmental awareness.

BLR uses food, which we eat every day, as the organizing theme to teach about our connection to the sun, soil, water, air and people who work to feed us.

"We really forget about just going back to the basics and what it is like to be a family and work together and to try and keep a family business going …It’s really important for people today and tomorrow to know that this still does exist. This is our livelihood, this is our life."

Open weekdays 9 am-1 pm
Saturdays & Sundays Closed!
Belau Loa Ranch ®  Kunia Loa Ridge, Hawaii 
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